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At Golden glo, we always strive to put our best (and most glo-ing!) face forward. When it comes to tanning that face, however- especially if you’re a newbie to self-tanning-  it can be intimidating. Beyond slathering bronzer onto your face and neck, creating the optimal glo is an artform! Our trusted self-tanning airbrush artists have been perfecting the art of self-tanning and helping people achieve healthy, glo-ing skin since 2015.  Follow these tips, and you’ll have that at-home self-tanned glo, just like the experts!  

Here are 6 tips for self-tanning your face with our organic, First Class Face Self Tanning Facial Gel

1. Make sure you start with a clean, exfoliated face. We’d recommend using scrubs or lotions that do not contain oils, as too much oil can keep the self-tanner from absorbing properly.  

2. Apply a cold water washcloth on your face prior to using self tanner to minimize dark pores. 

For a refreshing mist that will help set the DHA, try our Mile High Moisturizing Mist! This ultra lightweight mist balances the skin’s chemistry to completely and evenly absorb the professional tanning solution or self-tanning mist. It opens up the skin’s elimination pathways by exfoliating dead skin cells to remove impurities including deodorant, makeup, perfume, and the daily grime, resulting in the deepest and richest color possible.

3.. If you are going to wear makeup, make sure you have a darker color foundation to match your “tan” face. 

4. You can always combine your self-tanner with moisturizer in order to achieve  a more subtle glo. Again, we’d recommend keeping your moisturizer oil-free.

5. Blend one small area at a time using the Glo-on Brush, with light, repetitive sweeping circular motions. Don’t forget to blend your First Class Face Self Tanning Facial Gel down your neck and decolletage. 

6. Use residual product for the area above your lip and chin.  

There you have it! 

We are here to help you Glo today and every day. 

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