Your Official Guide to The Best Organic Spray Tan in Beverly Hills / Los Angeles, California

Your Official Guide to The Best Organic Spray Tan in Beverly Hills / Los Angeles, California

I still remember when the first time spray tans were introduced. But soon after, everybody got to know that how dangerous tanning sprays could be. This tanning spray concept is completely distant.

After 2005, the tanning sprays become much better in quality and as well as in result. But still, this concept and category are filled with a lot of ambiguity and confusion. For instance, if you don't prepare your skin rightly for a spray tan or do not get the cheap tan spray services instead of the best and organic one, it will not last on your skin for a longer period.

Here is the complete guide for you through which you will get to know what tan spray is and from where you get the right spray tanning services.

What is an organic spray tan?

The tanning trend came from models in fashion magazines and buffed actors that are frolicking through beach movies and left us with the idea that we will only look healthy if we are tanned. But unfortunately, this concept led to harmful sun exposure and not skin protection.

Due to this, organic spray tan comes into existence that will paint your body in such an organic way that you will look healthy and natural.

What's in a Spray Tan Formula?

The sun rays have nothing to do with making your skin tanner; instead, the main ingredient that makes your skin tanner is DHA. According to experts, when DHA reacts with your amino acids, it will give an illusion that your skin gets tan. DHA is just like milk, and its quantity varies from formula to formula, but those formulas in which organic DHA is being used give the best results.

How to choose the best organic Spray Tan services?

When it comes to tanning sprays, there are two options. That is, you can either purchase the spray tan product and apply it on your own at home, or you go for getting professional tanning spray services.

If you live in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles and search for the right and best organic spray tan services, I will recommend you Golden Glo Tans. This company is offering one of the best organic spray services in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles. They have highly trained and skilled spray tan artists instead of machines like Mystic Tan or a Versa Spa. They use Golden Glo spray tan, which contains organic DHA, which is derived from sugar beet. When Golden Glo's organic spray tan combines with other organic and purely natural ingredients, it will nourish and conditions your skin while tanning it.

Spray tan aftercare

Right after your session, moisturize your skin with a gentle and fragrance-free moisturizer.

  • Do not wear a dress for 10 minutes, whether you are in a salon or at home

  • Do not exercise

  • Stay out of chlorine-containing pools.

  • Remember to delay bathing for a minimum of 8 hours following application as it takes time for the solution to merge on your body.

If you are using organic Spray tan product, then you will have to take some precautionary measures while using it on your own such as protect your eyes with goggles, use a filter for your nose and cover your lip with lip balm. And if you are getting professional services, they must ensure that they are offering you this protection. DHA must not be inhaled as it will cause dizziness or headaches, or nausea.

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