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Golden Glo® Beverly Hills is a studio that specializes in the natural beauty services of spray tanning and teeth whitening. Since 2015 we have grown to be one of Los Angeles’ most prominent organic skin care providers, with our commitment towards excellence unmatched by any other company out there! All products are vegan-friendly, cruelty and chemical-free – so you can feel good about what your purchase

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We believe that healthy, youthful skin begins with the right products. Our custom airbrush spray tan solution not only improves your natural color but also nourishes and moisturizes to give you a more radiant complexion!


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For years, people have been searching for the secret to a beautiful skin. Well now you no longer need to search any further because at Golden Glo we’ve got just what your body needs! Our spray tan formula actually nourishes and improves your skin while giving off a luminous glow that will mesmerize everyone who lays eyes on you. 

You are the sun. We celebrate your individuality by creating a custom tan to bring out your own unique colors and depths in an exciting new way! From clear skin types who want that light glow, or deeper blends looking to get darker-looking skin – there is something perfect waiting just around the corner at Golden Glo Spray Tan Salon.

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